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Personal Knowledge Base - Considerations

The search for a PKB was an extensive one:

Evernote was the longest standing member of my PKB (I still haven't migrated off it). It coexisted with a lot of other parts of my quest to store knowledge for future reference.

Amongst others I tried:

Others considered:

Notes Apps:

Git Repos:

Self-hosted Solutions:


Other Notes

Comments / Ref

  • A comment on Reddit here

    After 7 years of using Evernote I moved to Typora (PC/Mac) + Epsilon Notes (Android) finally. Those apps using the same database which include markdown and media files, synced across all of my devices, my home server and my VPS via Recilio Sync. I'm sure p2p scheme works better than server-client solution as Leanote, NextCloud etc., in a case you don't own your own data-center with a lot of backups.