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Privacy - Facebook

HN Post - notes from the comments

HN Get your Loved Ones Off Facebook

  • Privoxy
  • I love tuning my /etc/hosts as well.
    In case anyone is curious:
    I also use a hosts file block to avoid tracking:
  • Uninstall Facebook's phone app and check out It doesn't require javascript to run.
  • F-Droid has quite a few open-source wrapper apps around facebook's mobile site which improve usability and isolation
  • A better and more holistic approach, IMO, which I use with Firefox (sorry, I don't use Chrome as often, and in my limited experience I haven't seen it having as many extensions), is to use FB with these browser extensions:
    1. Privacy Badger (from EFF)
    2. Clean Links (removes all the redirect links from several sites, including FB)
    3. Self-Destructing Cookies (destroys cookies when tabs of a particular site are all closed; default time to delete after tab closure is 10 seconds, which I reduce on my installations)
    4. uBlock Origin (blocks ads and trackers)
    5. BetterPrivacy (deletes "super-cookies" from things like Flash)
      I don't use Ghostery because its business model depends on advertisers. Same goes for Adblock and its cousins too.
      Even with all of the above, FB may still be able to track because there are many ways apart from cookies to do it. There could be browser fingerprinting 1 using various other indicators.