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Phones rooting gen info

Word Meaning
Mod something that changes your system just a little bit. Like changing the ui or changing an app
Rom A third party custom firmware for your phone (rom is also short form for read-only memory)
Kernel Tells your hardware what to do, borrowed from linux (i think)
Script Small set of instructions that tell your phone what to do. Often to your advantage.

The MakeUseOf Way

1: Install Android's SDK

2: Root With SuperOneClick BUT: "I just wish it could be this easy on latest HTC phones… Actually it’s not complicated, but it sure requires a series of steps, that an average user would not take"

3: Install Custom ROM 3.1 Install ROM Manager 3.2 Flash ClockworkMod Recovery (to take a backup of your ROM) 3.3 Download and install the ROM


3: without installing a custom ROM, you can freeze/uninstall stock apps (otherwise uninstallable apps)

SuperOneClick link