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macOS Apps



Key Info
Cmd+Opt+C Snippets
Cmd+Opt+\ with selected file in finder - launches options for actions on file

Workflow Shortcuts

Command Info
case change case (of items in clipboard)
ip show internal & external IP address
kill easily find processes by name and kill them
sto search stack overflow [launch in browser]
stk search stack overflow [within alfred]
conv convert units (incl exch rates)
tabs search open chrome/canary/safari tabs
move move selected file (in finder) to ...
clean run appcleaner app to completely remove an app




Fuzzy Folders

Command Info
fuzzy list fuzzy folders
fzyhelp open fuzzy help file

Evernote Workflow


Command Info
ens to search in every note field
ens @ to search in a selected notebook
ens # to search notes with a selected tags
ent search in titles only
enu search notes with a source URL
Return key to open the note
Shift key to preview the note
Option key to set a reminder
Control key to paste the note text content to the top most application
Fn key to open the note URL

Other Workflows

stack overflow search (type in Alfred first time to install it)


Save to Pocket Workflow

Search Mac AppStore


Find alfred app workflows here: