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macOS Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
⌘+A Selects all items in the active window (icon view), all items in the column (column view), or all items in the list (list and cover flow view)
⌘+C Copies selected items
⌘+D Duplicates the selected item(s)
⌘+E Ejects the selected volume
⌘+F Displays the Find dialog
⌘+G Displays the Go to Folder dialog
⌘+H Hides All Finder windows
⌘+I Shows info for selected item or items
⌘+J Shows the view options for the active window and current view mode
⌘+K Displays the Connect to Server dialog
⌘+L Creates an alias for the selected item
⌘+M Minimizes the active window
⌘+N Opens a new Finder window
⌘+O Opens (or launches) the selected item
⌘+R Shows the original for selected alias
⌘+T Adds the selected item to the Sidebar
⌘+V Pastes items from the Clipboard
⌘+W Closes the active window
⌘+X Cuts the selected items
⌘+Z Undoes the last action (if possible)
⌘+, Displays Finder Preferences
⌘+1 Shows the active window in icon mode
⌘+2 Shows the active window in list mode
⌘+3 Shows the active window in column mode
⌘+4 Shows the active window in cover flow mode
⌘+[ Moves back to the previous Finder location
⌘+] Moves forward to the next Finder location
⌘+Del Moves selected items to the Trash
⌘+Up Arrow Show enclosing folder / Move up one folder
⌘+Down Arrow Move down one folder (go into currently selected folder)
⌘+` Cycles through windows
⌘+? Displays the Mac OS X Help Viewer
⌘+⇧+A Takes you to your Applications folder
⌘+⇧+C Takes you to the top-level Computer location
⌘+⇧+G Takes you to a folder that you specify (e.g. /Users/)
⌘+⇧+H Takes you to your Home folder
⌘+⇧+Q Logs you out
⌘+⇧+N Creates a new untitled folder in the active window or column
⌘+⇧+U Takes you to your Utilities folder
⌘+⇧+Del Deletes the contents of the Trash
⌘+⌥+H Hides all windows except the Finder's window(s)
⌘+⌥+N Creates a new Smart Folder
⌘+⌥+T Hides the Finder window toolbar
a new note.txtSpace Opens the Spotlight window
⌘+Space Opens the Spotlight menu
⌃+up-arrow (or F3) Displays the Mission Control screen
⌃+down-arrow (or ⌃+F3) Shows all open windows for the current application using Mission Control
F11 (or ⌘ +F3) Hides all windows to display the Desktop using Mission Control
Space Quick Look
⌘+⇧+. Show/hide dotfiles (hidden files)
⌘+⇧+3 Take a screenshot
⌘+⇧+4 Screenshot by cursor selection (rectangle)
⌘+⇧+4 ... SPACEBAR Screenshot a window by clicking on it
⌘+⌥+V Paste file in finder move (i.e. treat the previous copy as a cut command)
⌘+⌥+Backspace Delete files & skip trash


Symbol Key
Cmd / Command
Opt / Alt
Ctrl / Control